Anyone who is interested in becoming a professional beautician or nail technician should be aware of the most popular in-salon treatments and cater their learning path to suit the needs of his or her salon and clients. We have devised a small list of the most popular treatments for people in the UK.



Yes, the manicure is one of the most popular beauty treatments with almost every woman having considered getting their nails into shape at some point in the past year! The manicure is the perfect way to demonstrate style and luxury. Some salons offer manicure treatments with UV gel overlays rather than polish; this method lasts up to 3 weeks and very rarely chips.




Both men and women want to look good. That’s why facial treatments in the salon are one of the all-time favorites throughout the country. Those considering beauty courses should make sure facial treatments are covered in the learning plan – you don’t want to miss out on the extra clients this wonderful, skin-rejuvenating treatment can attract. Facial treatments use a variety of different products and can really lighten up your face and often makes the client look and feel much younger and fresher.




So, summer’s round the corner and your legs are paler than a sheet of paper? Spray tanning treatments are seen as the perfect way to show off your legs, even at the very start of summer! People considering offering these treatments in their salon, or even as a mobile therapist should check out their local beauty school and find as much information on spray tanning courses as they possibly can. Take advantage of Britain’s lack of sun throughout winter and offer spray tanning treatments to your clients!


Of course, the list of beauty treatments people opt for is almost endless but this list provides an insight into which important beauty courses people should look into and how they can profit from helping others look absolutely stunning, all year round!


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