Most students of the Academy who are attending nail courses will understand the importance of stalk scissors when applying silk and fibreglass nails. Many people do not realise, however, the number of other uses for this fabulous tool.



Many people, both male and female, use stalk scissors to trim excess hair growth or, common with many men, to trim their moustaches!



Students also use these scissors whilst attending nail courses to shape the silk or fibreglass overlays in order for them to fit onto the nail. They are also used to shape the sculpting forms when they do not quite fit the nail.


Other uses include reaching tight areas or finely trimming items that would otherwise become too misshapen if larger scissors were used. These scissors can even be used to trim any brushes that may be fraying, or even those dreaded split-ends! Their super-sharp blades make cutting even easier.


It is important, especially for those who have correctly learned how to use them on beauty courses, to be careful and think about health and safety before you use this potentially dangerous tool.


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Happy Shopping!


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