Several students on nail courses have expressed interest in gel polishes. Soak of gel nail polish has recently taken the nail world by storm. Taking advantage of this exciting and profitable treatment is highly recommended by many professional nail technicians!


Your clients will be able to enjoy a manicure treatment where the colour lasts weeks – not days. They will be able to experience pretty much chip-free journeys into the depths of their hand bags and, most of all, they won’t have the hassle of having to apply the same shade every three or four days.


Although this is a fabulous treatment to take advantage of, there are a number of drawbacks that several successful participants on nail courses may have fallen into the trap of. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the key things to watch out for if you do start to offer these treatments.


  1. Even though it is shaped like a polish – its not! So don’t leave it in the window of your salon to get a tan! Its still UV gel and, as such, will react to the UV light and solidify. Now this is not a great start to offering these fabulous treatments!
  2. Don’t be greedy. Price the treatment reasonably and you are far more likely to have more repeat customers who will happily pay a little extra – but not be bankrupted in the process!
  3. Make sure you feel confident in applying this type of UV gel before you begin working on your first expectant customer.


Follow these three tips and you should be well on your way to creating a town full of UV gel polish manicured nails!


Good luck everyone!


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