There are a growing number of people in the UK who enjoy wearing inch-long nail extensions – or even longer in some cases! Although many believe it to be impracticable, we’ve caught up with a few aficionados to ask them how they go about their daily dues with such incredibly long nails.

Receptionist, Angela Morcombe, says, “When I first got long nails I found it so hard to type – I almost lost my job! But I persisted and now I can type as easily as when I have short [nails].” she added, “I think long stiletto nails look so much more glamorous, once I tried these, there was no going back for me!”

Students who have trained to become nail technicians are also able to learn how to sculpt stiletto nails using both gel and acrylic overlays. Many people on nail courses who also want to become nail technicians have been advised to consider the benefits of offering longer nails as a treatment.

Grace Benedict, nail technician, says, “I really like long, elegant nails but there are a few obvious drawbacks: 1. you might catch them on something and believe me, its going to hurt! 2. Its so difficult to do anything with long nails (but this is quite a good excuse to make the hubby do the housework!)”

Students who are training to become nail technicians and attend nail courses enjoy practising nail art techniques on longer nail tips as they provide them with more space to display there designs. Longer tips allow room for a variety of inter-weaving creative illustrations and can show off the skills of a professional nail technician come nail artist.

Long nail extensions can be great to show off creative nail art designs and make all your friends jealous! There are, however, a number of problems that could arise. Some believe the length of the nails are unhygienic, impractical and ghastly! Others regard longer nail extensions as a thing of beauty and something that everyone should have the luxury of enjoying on a daily basis!


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