Several students on nail technician courses have today been told about a fabulous UV top coat that does not need finishing wipe!

The No-Cleanse UV top coat cures under the lamp in just the same time as the general UV top coat for nails. With the no-cleanse, however, you do not have to apply finishing wipe to remove the sticky residue – because there is none!

People who are interested in attending nail extension courses will be please to know that this product will slightly reduce the time needed to perform a UV gel overlay treatment on their clients as there is no need to use finishing wipe. This product can be used with soak off gel, colour gel and builder gel.


UV top coat for nails

UV top coat for nails without the need for finishing wipe should reduce the time taken to perform a treatment

This extremely useful product for nail technicians could be the future of nail treatments. The need for a top coat that does not need to have finishing wipe applied after curing underneath a UV lamp is thought to be increasing rapidly. With the development of the no-cleanse top coat, it is thought that nail extension therapists will be able to reduce their listed treatment times. This, however, would only reduce nail treatment times by a marginal amount.

Professional nail technician, Jackie Barbs said, “The need for finishing wipe can be a burden and this product certainly does have its benefits”

On many nail courses with the Academy students learn about a variety of products that they can use on their clients. The product noted in this article can be found at

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