Students on nail courses sometimes find it difficult to practise at home with friends or family. The need to practise, however, is an important one. As a result, we’ve recommended the practise finger that you can get from to all our students.


Practise Finger With Tip: 

Practise finger for students on nail courses

Practise finger for students on nail courses


This practise finger nail allows nail technicians to apply sculpting forms to the finger to practise their techniques with both gel and acrylic sculpting. We’ve even used this amazing product to create our latest youtube nail art tutorial.


You can also fit the base of this product onto a clamp that attaches to the edge of your table!

Practise Finger Clamp

Practise Finger Clamp can be useful if you don't want to hold the finger



Practise Finger: Without Tip


This type of practise finger can be extremely useful for any people on nail courses as it allows the user to attach a plastic nail tip to the finger and then use acrylic or gel to create an extension as-normal!


Many people use this type of practise finger to create nail art on tips and display them in their salon.


Again, this can also be applied to the finger clamp.

Practise Finger

Practise Fingers can help a nail technician when practising their skills

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