The latest trend in nail art seems to be edging towards the use of real nail art crushed shells. Crushed shells coome in a variety of bright and colourful shades to make anyone fall in love instantly!


Nail Art Crushed Shells

Nail art crushed shells can really bring out the 3D effects and make your nails shine!

Susy Miller, nail technician, said, “Crushed shells are becoming more and more popular for women in general day-to-day nail art”. Those on nail courses have been told to look out for the best deals for these products as the fact they are real sea shells can place a hefty price tag on them.


They can be applied using UV gel, acrylic or even embed them into simple nail polish top coat. Each little pot contains enough for a huge variety of nail art designs to be made.


Prices start from £2.50 from websites like For this you can get a pot of one colour, you can choose from pinks through to yellows, you’re sure to get the right colour for your needs!


When embedding into UV gel or acrylics, students on nail courses have been told, you should allow time to view the design in the early so that you can imagine what the finished result will be. A common mistake people make when applying crushed shells is to apply too much (because they’re so georgeous!) and it ends up spoiling the design.

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