Although everyone who is or has attended an eyelash extension course should know that lash extensions come in a very large array of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. We’ve put together a small guide on what you should expect.


Eyelash Extension Shapes


  • J Curl lashes: Probably the most widely used and popular style. This shape fits most eyelashes perfectly.
  • C Curl Lashes: More curved than J curl and give more of a curved appearance to the lashes.
  • D Curl Lashes: Very curved and most often used on already curvy lashes to give a more outrageous, beautiful, look.
  • Y Curl Lashes: As the name suggests, Y curl lashes are ones that split at the top to give an even fuller effect to the natural lash – in effectively, half the time.
  • Obscure Lashes: feathers, glitter lashes etc. these aren’t individual lashes but they’re worth a mention!
  • People on eyelash extension courses have already been told this as part of their day’s syllabus.


Eyelash Extension Lengths

False lashes range from 6mm through to as long as 15mm!


Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions come in various shapes and sizes

Eyelash extensions are also available in a number of varying thicknesses to suit your client’s natural lashes.


With developments in plastic technologies, false eyelash extensions are now available in almost every colour imaginable!

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