Students have today been told how popular eyelash extension treatments are. It is thought that an eyelash extension course would be a worthwhile investment in order to take advantage of this treatment’s growing popularity.


Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole have made eyelash extensions much more saught after as everyone wants to look beautiful.


Expert Beauty Therapist, Jean Willows says, “there is already a very large client base for eyelash extension treatments, with the new rush with natural-looking eyelash extensions, its no wonder so many more women are choosing to have them done”


After completing an eyelash extension course, many people start working on the public and often charge well over £150 for an hour and a half  eyelash extension treatment.


False lashes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are fairly inexpensive to purchase. As a result, many beauty salons and mobile therapists are investing in training courses in order to take advantage of this popular trend.


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