Students on beauty courses have today been told how fabulous buffing cream can be for the nails. It helps to smooth them and make them look fresher.


Buffing Cream

Buffing Cream

When used in conjunction with a chamois nail buffer, buffing cream can really help to smooth out ridges in the nail bed and helps to increase blood circulation around that area. The increase in blood flow encourages nail growth. In addition, buffing using cream helps remove stains on the nails and maintains a beautiful shine.


People who attend beauty courses have been told that its not just buffing cream that is important for keeping beautiful nails in perfect condition. Nail technician, Grace Meyers, says, “After a treatment, if your client has relatively dry nails, its always good to massage a little cuticle oil into the cuticles to help keep them moisturised and healthy”.


Of course, keeping your nails in tip-top condition is not just a matter of buffing and adding cuticle cream. Aftercare advise should be given by your nail technician to inform you of how you should care for your nails after you leave the beauty salon.

Chamois Buffer

Chamois buffers can help maintain beautiful nails

Apply top/base coat to the nails before you apply colour, for instance, can help to prevent staining of the nail bed. A lot more advances in the world of beauty therapy have been found in recent years and every little thing you can do to improve your health is worth the effort!


Much more advise regarding how to maintain your nails is covered in our nail training seminars. Just check out our main site for more information.

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