Anti wrinkle jabs and other cosmetic beauty treatments are to be introduced to Superdrug stores in the UK within the coming months.

Customers will be able to simply walk in to the store at lunchtime for their selected beauty treatments. Anish Sabherwal, of Superdrug said, ‘Now a customer can nip into our store during their lunch hour, get a manicure, have an anti-wrinkle consultation, have their brows threaded before choosing a sandwich meal deal and heading back to the office.’ Furthermpre, people who are on beauty courses will be interested to know that reducing the noticability of wrinkles and plumping up lips and cheeks can be achieved by using make-up.

It is thought that the treatment will cost around £145 and last for around 15 minutes. There are some questions brought up by other doctors who already run practises offering such treatments. A cosmetic surgeon, Dr Prager, said, ‘Having Botox is not like having a flu jab – it very much depends on the skill of the practitioner carrying out the procedure.’

Plump Lips

Some beauty treatments offered are said to be able to plump up your lips

A number of students on beauty courses should be interested to know that Superdrug is also said to be introducing derma filler treatments which plump up the lips and cheeks and help to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

The price they pay will be significantly less than harley street doctors, yet will still be carried out by doctors and dentists. The first stores offering such treatments are thought to be starting up in Kensington, London and shortly followed by stores in Milton Keynes.

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