Eyelash extensions have been popular for a number of years. Recently a survey has found that 7 in 10 women have had their eyelashes extended in the past. People are trying to find out more information about eyelash extension courses so that they can perform treatments and profit from the growing market.

The beauty industry is vast and the Academy offers a huge number of different courses to suit people’s needs. Students have found, however, that eyelash extensions seem to be the ultimate treatment for most of their clients and many show little or no interest in other beauty treatments such as facials or manicures.

Beauty therapists understand the importance of offering a wide range of treatments to their clients. The problem is, however, that those who opt for eyelash extension courses instead are often gaining more interest solely from this one treatment.

According to the survey, women prefer to have manicures, eyelash extensions and acrylic nail extensions rather than facial treatments or threading. This startling result comes as a surprise to many beauty salon owners who do not seem to have felt the surge of business arising from the growing popularity of eyelash extension treatments. Students on all courses are aware that they can also attend beauty courses to enhance their career prospects and skills they can offer.



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