Many people find it difficult to apply make-up around the eye area with style. The most important aspect of daily make-up is often the need to go for a more natural look for your make-up, before you consider any beauty treatments.

People on beauty courses have found that many of their models don’t apply make-up using the proper techniques that they should use.

One of the most common mistakes people fall into is using too bright or loud colours for general day-to-day wear. The key to pulling off a beautiful look is to make it look natural, especially for daytime wear. So, try to limit those bright red and orange eye shadows to Saturday night and stick to the shades that compliment your already beautiful skin tone.

To achieve the stunning eye make-up that so many people strive to achieve, you need to understand the fundamentals of applying beautiful make-up. This includes the correct application of eye liner, brow liner, lip liner, foundation, primer, the list goes on! A number of students who have attended or are attending beauty courses often enjoy learning about how to perfect the natural beauty look that so many clients request.

Terry Hughes, Beauty Therapist and make-up artist, says, “I get too many client requests for just general make-up. I think they hope to learn some skills from me so they can do it on their own. I’m always happy and willing to help them look beautiful but it is shocking how many do not know the correct techniques!”

Natural shades are ones that compliment your skin tone or even match it to mask out any blotches. To fully inderstand how to apply beautiful make-up and look stunning, you should consider enrolling on a course at the Academy.

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