Moisturizers that are truly effective make a noticeable difference to the sharpness of wrinkles and can dramatically improve the smoothness of your skin.

One of the most important things to look out for when caring for your skin is making sure you exfoliate regularly. Many students on beauty courses have been told that just a simple and gentle scrub will stimulate the blood flow around your face and help cells to regenerate quickly. Having fresh skin also helps with the application of foundation.

With wrinkles, the most important type of foundation you absolutely must avoid is powder foundation. People on beauty courses, and have completed make-up modules, also understand that part of the perfect base also lies with the correct application of concealer and blusher. Again, try to find a non-powder based concealer or blusher to use. Try to find a creamier and more moisture-rich product. This will aid in softening and smoothing out the wrinkles.

Moisturising lip-wrinkles is just as important as eye-area wrinkles. It is important not to go over the top with foundation in an effort to reduce the visibility of lip area wrinkles. Instead, you should simply apply foundation as normal and try to find a creamier lipstick and a lip liner which compliments, or even better, matches the lipstick’s colour. This technique will help reduce the vertical lines effect the location of these particular wrinkles forms.

eye area make-up

Keeping your eye area looking wrinkle-free is easier than you thought!

Maintaining healthy looking skin is not just about the correct application of make-up. You must also drink plenty of water: keeping your skin hydrated is immensely important. Also, this should go without saying, a healthy diet will help you to maintain a healthy look and you will most probably feel much better inside too as a result of balancing your diet and improving the quality and nutritional value of the food and drink you consume.


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