Many people who are on nail courses have expressed a great amount of interest in which nail products are regarded as ‘vital’.  As to whether products are important or not is often unique to its user. We have, however, outlined a few important nail products which every nail salon should have stocked!

  1. Nail FilesNail Clippers may be useful but the nail file is by far one of the most important tools in the salon. If you don’t have one already you probably do not have many customers! Nail files are a safe and hygienic way to shape and shorten the natural nail. Why are they hygienic? Because you can easily throw them away after use. With prices starting at just £0.21 per nail file at, you’ll be able to but 100 for just £2.10! Stay safe and keep your clients safe by investing in some quality nail files.
  2. Nail PolishNail Polish is one of the most popular products and one which almost every person in the world will think of when it comes to summarising a nail salon. Students who have attended the Academy and enjoyed a variety of nail courses should know how to correctly apply pink, white, clear and colour nail polish to the nail. Lately a huge number of new nail polishes have arrived on the market in an incredibly large range of shades.
  3. Cuticle OilCuticle oil, although not essential for every client is one of the most used and most important products in a nail salon. Especially used in Manicure treatments, cuticle oil can be found in most nail salons.

There are hundreds more nail products that people learn about on a nail course. To find out more information, it is recommended to attend a course and train to become a nail technician. Visit our main website for more information.


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