People who have been interested in having nail extensions in the past, or people who are on nail courses will be interested to know that nail extensions in the UK are becoming more and more popular.

TV stars and Hollywood icons are said to be heavily contributing to the popularity of nail extensions for the general public. With the increasing popularity, nail salons are incorporating new nail treatments for extensions, such as silk and fibreglass, into their general treatment plan. People are becoming more and more interested in stylish and new styles also.

Stiletto nail extensions are a special style of tip that has a pointy end to it. This style of tip is already popular in many European cities. People who are on nail courses understand that they can create stiletto nails easily by simply filing the general nail tips. Despite this easy method, however, the market value of stiletto nail tips are becoming increasingly popular. The importance of celebrity promotion has become apparent with a number of people sporting this new type of tip.


There have been some health worries for this fairly sharp style of tip. The main one, of course, being the heightened risk of prodding one’s eyes with the sharp tips that the wearer may not be used to. It is important to be careful of sharp tips such as stiletto nails. They are also probably the most beautiful and popular style of nail extensions in the salons at the current time.


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