A variety of people who attend beauty courses of any kind will be interested to know that many other people tend to keep their make-up for too long. Although often you people haven’t used all the make-up or beauty product up completely, people need to be aware that cosmetic products do go bad!

Cosmetic manufacturers, especially ones who create beauty products for the eye area, try to reduce the amount of preservatives they include as, often, they may incorporate certain chemicals that could adversely affect your skin. Although reducing the concentration/effectiveness of preservatives in your beauty products is good news for your skin, its not so good news for your product! Especially if you do not use it that often!

Eye Area Make-up

Eye-area make-up and other beauty products tend to have less preservatives and other harsh chemicals that could otherwise adversly affect your delicate skin

Deborah Jones, make-up artist, says, “There are a number of ways that people could help to maintain the longer shelf-life of their beauty products.” “One is to reduce the temperature in which people store them. I have known some ladies who have left their make-up and moisturiser in direct sunlight for weeks – this is not good!”

In addition to high temperatures, ladies and gentlemen on beauty courses may be interested to know that water-based products can be more prone to attracting bacteria than non water-based products. Deborah Jones says, “If you have water-based products, its always a good idea to replace the lid straight after use and make sure you keep the item at room temperature and in shade, preferably”

It is recommended that people check the manufaturing date or the use by date if available on their cosmetic products, whether they be beauty items such as moisturisers or make-up items such as mascara – always find out when you should consider buying a replacement.

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