Anyone on an eyelash extension course will be interested to know that a huge number of celebrities use eyelash extensions to make their eyes stand out, their eyelashes look thicker and to look more beautiful in general.

What are Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash Extensions are synthetic fibres not much thicker than your natural lashes that give the overall effect of extended and thicker lashes. Eyelashes are now no longer just for special occasions, such as weddings. When applied correctly, they last for weeks and give you very natural looking lashes.


How Long Do they Last?

When cared for correctly, they can last for the entire cycle of your natural eyelashes. This is generally around 2 – 3 weeks. Generally a special glue is used to apply the lashes. An added bonus to using this type of glue is that it is waterproof. This allows people who have eyelash extensions to go swimming and shower as normal. Please ote, however, you must not wash your eye area for at least 24 hours, this allows the bonding agent time to secure properly.


Touching up with Mascara.

With eyelashes extensions, they’ve been designed to mimic the effects of mascara. If you absolutely must use mascara on top of your sythetic lash extensions, then only used water-based mascara. Oil-based mascara will loosen the bond between your natural lashes and your beautiful lash extensions. Those on eyelash extension courses will receive practical instruction and guidance on all aspects of eyelash extension application and much more.


beautiful eyelashes

Beautiful Eyelashes


Eyelash extensions makes so many people throughout the world more confident about their appearance. Eyelash extensions are used by many celebrities and as such have really promoted the use of them. So much so that you can probably find an eyelash extension therapist in almost every country in Europe.

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