Students on beauty courses have been told about the latest beauty news – facial exercises! Facial exercise guru Carole Maggio has appeared in the news recently regarding her amazing facial exercise routines.


So does it work? Can exercising your facial muscles actually make a difference to your features and skin tone? Well, we have no idea! You’ll have to read her book on that! Meanwhile, we can tell you a little more about facial treatments and their benefits.

Facial and Beauty Treatments

Facial and beauty treatments can really bring out the natural glow in your skin

Facial treatments can help people get rid of open pores, tone the skin and even remove black heads. People who attend beauty therapy courses have been told that facial treatments are an extremely popular treatment in salons and it is always recommended to offer as many services as possible to their clients.


A specialist beauty therapist will treat the skin with steam, exfoliants and emollients depending on the state of your skin. Facials are popular amongst people with acne as it can often fight the spread of unwanted spots!



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