Just like fashion, makeup changes with the seasons. Sometimes its hard to find the most appropriate shade, the perfect style or the best matched colours for your brand new spring clothing selection! That’s where this comprehensive guide comes in!

Go Fashion Forward not Awkward!

Spring is a time for vitality, freshness and excitement. Most of all, its the time of year that you can start wearing more cool and breezy clothes.

The Basics.

Your skin is the most important attribute you have.  Make sure you replenish the youthfulness of your skin after the long, harsh winter. Facial scrubs with exfoliating lotions are particularly able in this respect. Facial scrubs literally help you to scrub the dead skin cells from the surface layer of your skin. The result leaves your skin no longer dry and flaky looking but young, fresh and ready for Spring!

What Next?

Neutral Shades

Try to choose neutral shades of eye shadow ie. select the colours of eye shadow that compliment your natural skin tones. You want to also select eyeliner brushes that complment your skin tone. In addition, light brown shades of makeup will leave your skin looking fresh and ready for the spring. Buy neutral eye shadow shades and make sure you choose shades that compliment your skin tones.

Too Pale?

Winter causes your skin to lose its tanned, bronze shades. Why wait for summer? Bronzers are the answer! Select a very soft powder bronzer to provide your skin with that much needed glow. Using a flat kabuki brush, apply a mineral brozer to the skin to give your skin a fresh, ready for spring look.

Feeling Fruity?

Peach colours are ideal for the fresh Spring look. Try to select a smooth and creamy colour that compliments your skin tone. If powders aren’t quite reaching the mark, try out the tube products to brighten-up your skin for Spring.

Cool and Steely.

Natural Make-up


Use a soft, delicate silvery metallic eye shadow to compliment some of your cooler clothes this spring. You can also use these shades as eye liner to really bring out that fresh look.

Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

It may be nearing summer but its generally still a recovery period for sensitive skin. Make sure you moisturise to prepare your skin for the hot summer sun.

This barely touches on what you can learn with our make-up course.

If you want to apply the perfect base, achieve superb shades and the most beautiful looks this Spring why not attend our 5-day comprehensive Make-up Artist Course?

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