Sleek stylish trends were shown on the catwalks at this year’s London Fashion Week.


Our spotter found greys and light shades of brown to be some of the hottest colours to be displayed.


Pinks were also flashed throughout the exciting week.

Students on nail courses may be interested to know that blues were also immensely popular with many of the models. Some sporting different shades of the same colours. Could this be the next fashion trend? Two-colour nails!

With Summer just around the corner, its important to be aware of the latest trends in nail polish. Some experts suggest that Spriing should be a season for neutral shades and in summer you should launch into the brightest and boldest colours you can find!

Nail art is also popular, particularly in summer months, as it is a perfect way to show off your artistic flair. People who are on nail training courses have been told nail art is an important skill to learn for any budding nail technician or beauty therapist.

There are many resources throughout the web regarding nail art and other nail related tutorials, videos and pictures to help you find out what the latest trends are in the exciting, fast-paced world of nails!

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