Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone goes on a make-up course to learn how to apply make-up like a professional. This short list of things to watch out for when your applying your favorite look should help.


Go Easy on the Glitter

Sparkly faces aren’t the most popular for daytime looks! If you must have your dose of shine, then consider a metallic make-up shade.


Blotchy Tan

There’s nothing worse than having a perfect tan and then a pale, bleak face because you’ve chosen the wrong foundation. Make sure you get an even tan throughout, or match the foundation with the rest of the visible tanned areas.




Eyebrows can help define your eyes

If you have fair eyebrows, consider applying a dark shade over them to give your eye area more definition.


Panda Eyes

Its not just brows that bring out the eye area, your eyeshadow is a major part of any make-up. Go easy on the dark colours, don’t add so much your eyes look smaller than a shirt button. Use just the right amount to show of your sparkly eyes.



Choose a lighter shade of eyeliner if your eyes look too heavy, its not just eyeshadow that contributes to panda-eyes!


Foundation, not zebra

Mismatched foundation can really ruin what could be a perfect look. Make sure you select a foundation that matches your natural skin tones.


Felt-tip Lips?

Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade, there’s nothing worse than having a very visible outline around your lips!



Manicured nails look lovely


You don’t need to go wild with different coloured nails every day. Simple french manicured nails can really put the finishing touches to any elegant look. For people who are on nail courses, you will know how to create the perfect french manicure already.

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