A quick guide from the Nails and Beauty Academy to help you look your best this summer! The following top 10 tips are just a few of what you should think about this summer.


1. Sunscreen

Protect what is most obvious – your skin. Use at least a SPF rating of 15 to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.


2. Make-up Foundation

Think twice before covering your face up with more foundation that a make-up boutique! A light touch of foundation in the hot sun will give more of a gentle glow.

Bronzer in use

Using bronzers is becoming more and more popular

3. Bronzer

You don’t want to be stuck under the sunbed while everyone else is enjoying the outdoors! If you absolutely must be bronzed, consider getting your self spray-tanned. Or select a good bronzer to give your skin a sun-kissed look.


4. Frizzy Hair?

Easily resolved, simply condition your hair thoroughly or consult your local hairstylist – they have some amazing products that counter the effects of frizzing.


5. Melting Make-up

You perspire much more in summer, prevent your make-up from looking sloppy by investing in some waterproof mascara and smudge-proof eyeshadow.

spray tanning vs sun tanning

spray tanning vs sun tanning - What would you prefer?

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin regularly to maintain a fresh faced appearance – anyone on a beauty course would probably know this already!


7. Use Oil-free moisturiser

Your skin perspires much more in summer, using an oil-free moisturiser could be the perfect solution to your regular moisturiser.


8. Light Make-up

Don’t over-do it, and make sure you have a light amount of make-up do its not running all over the place!


9. Towel Dry Your Hair

Using a hairdryer for your hair can make it very dry, especially during the summer. Try towel drying it instead.


10. Refresh

Refresh your face and clean it thoroughly each night. Then, before you put foundation on again, simply splash cold water onto your face to close the pores. This helps to  create a smoother base on your skin without showing all the pores.

Also, plenty of sleep is vital. The sweltering heat can tire you out much faster!


11. Any more?

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