Today, we’re giving our readers a comprehensive guide on how to promote your salon services. If your in the nail trade or beauty trade, this guide might come in handy.


Go Social.

Release the power of social networks for you salon. Let everyone know who you are on Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut every single spot you can – make a loud bang.

  • Create offers within your salon that require them to recommend a friend.
  • Print out vouchers that entitle their friends to a half-price manicure.
  • Include a loyalty program to keep your customers coming back – similar to clubcards cards in your local supermarkets.



Do you have business cards?

If the answer’s no then head over to Vistaprint to get free business cards delivered to your door. You may need to pay postage, I’d check them out. Whoever you meet, give them your card – see everyone as a potential customer just waiting to be lead to your salon!



Junk Mail? You either hate it or love it.

Junk mail can often include great offers within some free magazines in your local area. Are you in those mags?

Stand Out From the Crowd - Offer more Services

Stand Out From the Crowd – Offer more Services

Offer More, For Less.

What is the competition offering? Are they better than you? Why are they better? What can you do with your salon to make clients come flooding through the doors? These are all questions you must ask yourself. Offering more treatments may persuade clients to choose you as they can get everything done in one place. So if you’re already offering beauty treatments, consider attending a nail course to offer manicures and nail extensions to your clients as well.



Go to social areas and events

Do you have kids in school? Well head over to the school gates and hand out those business cards, those vouchers or even just chat and promote your salon. If you’re in a cafe, ask the owner if he’ll display your cards on the counter for all his customers to see.


Extra Training

If you’ve got your salon sorted, your doing hair styling, cutting and even doing a little massage treatments and manicures, why not invest in some extra training? Anyone who wants to add a new service to their salon should consider going on a nail course to add extra income and attract more clients to your salon.

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