Research by TV shopping channel QVC has revealed that the average woman spends £133,575 in her lifetime – just on looking good. This expensive quest for perfection also includes men, who spend, on average, an astonishing £75,030 on their appearence.

Sue Leeson, from QVC, said: ‘Body maintenance is a vital part of feeling good about yourself and we all invest a lot of time and energy to look our best”.

“As it’s something that is ongoing, shop around for your favourite products to ensure you get them for the best possible price – buying exclusive sets or larger sizes can also help you save in the long run.”

82% of women in the research survey said that they fork out so much to make themselves happy and 26% suggested that they maintain their beauty regime for their partners pleasure too.

Each year a London woman spends on average £2,328 on keeping in good shape and maintaining appearences.

taking care of skin

Taking care of the face and skin in general is incredibly important to the modern woman who spends an average £133,575 on their appearence

Salon’s cash in on the tremendous demand for looking good. Now men also enjoy maintaining not only a good shape but they also take good care of their skin by purchasing appropriate products and they spend an average of £220 per year looking after their face, whether it be shaving cream or moisturising.

Women want to look good and feel good. As a beauty therapist, you too could cash in on the influx of beauty treatments. Nail treatments such as nail extensions or even simple manicures are popular among both men and women. Why not check out our nail courses to see how we can help you cash in on this exciting and luxurious industry?


Nail treatments are extremely popular with both women and men.

Women spend around £289 a year maintaining their complexions. This includes treatments such as botox and moisturising lotions. In addition, an astonishing £405 per year is spent on hairdressing and flaunting that perfect couiff! With an average of over £650 spent per year, per woman on just a few treatments, nail technicians are cashing in on the popularity of the gel overlays and acrylic overlays as well as the ever-popular manicure treatments. A nail technician has a very broad skill set. From overlays to nail art, our nail care courses can teach you what you need to know.

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